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FTB – construction of fast-track buildings

Строительная группа ПРАЙМКОН > FTB – construction of fast-track buildings

What makes investors dissatisfied with traditional industrial and commercial construction?

  • Time-consuming design development and approval;
  • Unjustified costs associated with excess material consumption and use of resource-intensive technologies;
  • Long terms of construction and commissioning.

PRIMECON Construction Group, a design and construction association highly regarded as a reliable partner, offers to implement your projects using the FTB technology (fast-track buildings).

This is the technology of metal frame construction using standard metal structures and joints. The joints are unified as much possible, the primary assembly takes place in PRIMECON workshops. Erection at the customer’s site is reduced to bolted assembly using cranes or small-size hoisting appliances.

PRIMECON is a group of full service companies: from architectural design to commissioning of the facility!

Facilities recommended for erection using the FTB technology

  • industrial facilities;
  • production and commercial premises;
  • utility buildings (hangars, storehouses, warehouses);
  • logistics and entertainment centres;
  • agricultural buildings (greenhouses, silos, hoppers, etc.)


We think big and create the most functional facilities in aesthetically attractive shapes. Experienced structural designers, state-of-the art design technologies and careful elaboration ensure fast approval of the documentation.  We use our own base of proven design and technological solutions: from parts to assembly units. We already have a ready-made solution for each task, which only needs to be adapted to your actual conditions.


We are able to fabricate metal structures of any complexity and purpose. With this aim in view, we have modern equipment, including CNC equipment, for cutting and welding works with rolled sections and sheet metal.

Fabrication stages:

  • incoming inspection of rolled metal products,
  • removal of rolling scale and rust,
  • cutting the workpieces according to flow charts,
  • assembly of metal structures according to the detailed structural steel (KMD) drawings,
  • final machining of pre-fabricated items (smoothing the shrinkage distortion, drilling the holes),
  • application of anticorrosive coating.

The quality of metal structure fabrication is ensured by our high design standards, as well as modern equipment, and confirmed by the necessary compliance certificates of UKRSEPRO.

Delivery of metal structures

All the logistics are thought out as early as at the design stage: packaging, transportation and storage of metal structures taking into account their size, weight and capabilities of the vehicle fleet. This enables us to conclude contracts with logistics companies on the most favourable terms, expedite delivery and simplify unloading and accounting.


Erection at the customer’s site is reduced to bolted assembly (or, less frequently, field welding) of the marked pre-fabricated items.

Upon completion of the erection works, the frame is filled with insulation, floor slabs are mounted, roofing and finishing works are carried out, and utility lines are laid. Each stage is followed by field supervision.

The undoubted advantage of the FTB technology is year-round construction and erection due to the absence of “wet” processes.

If your immediate plans are to construct and put into operation an industrial, agricultural or other facility as soon as practicable, share your plans with us.

If your immediate plans are to construct and put into operation an industrial, agricultural or other facility in just a few weeks, share your plans with us.

The professional competence of PRIMECON Construction Group in FTB construction is best illustrated by facilities of our customers.