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Design and development of construction management plan (CMP) and work method statement (WMS)

Строительная группа ПРАЙМКОН > Design > Design and development of construction management plan (CMP) and work method statement (WMS)

It is prohibited to perform construction and installation works without a construction management plan (CMP) and work method statement (WMS).

PRIMECON Construction Group, a design and construction association highly regarded as a reliable partner, offers design of CMP and WMS for objects of various purposes.

It is advantageous to order CMP and WPP designs from PRIMECON

Many years of experience and recognized scope of competence ensure high quality of design: we are a design and construction group. Our track record includes industrial and agricultural facilities of III-IV category of difficulty. We work all over Ukraine and in near-abroad countries.

We have designed it, we will build it. We have our own production facilities, perfect cooperation between designers and erectors, as well as single responsibility.

Are you on a deadline? The documentation can be issued for work step-by-step.

What you get from CMP and WMS designs

Descriptive part:

  • characteristics of the area, land plot and construction conditions;
  • description of construction works under conditions of the existing facilities (congestion, safety measures with due regard for functioning utility lines);
  • quality control and acceptance of works;
  • occupational health and safety;
  • environmental protection measures.

Graphic part:

  1. general construction plan for the period of works;
  2. calendar progress chart at the facility;
  3. schedule of delivery of construction materials and structures;
  4. schedule for movement of construction vehicles around the site;
  5. operation diagrams and flowcharts.

This list is generalized and incomplete, it is supplemented depending on CMP and WMS for a specific type and conditions of construction works.

If you want to avoid “additional works” and “unforeseen expenses”, to build as efficiently as possible, to commission the facility on time and get it verified by field supervision, order a consultation or CMP and WMS design at once from PRIMECON Construction Group.

The professional competence of PRIMECON Construction Group in CMP and WMS design is best illustrated by facilities of our customers. Many people, having started with ordering CMP and WMS design, then also entrust us with the general design and turnkey construction.