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Survey and certification

When is it necessary to perform technical survey of buildings, facilities and structures?

  • In the absence of design documentation or data on the facility service life;
  • After an accident, natural disaster, emergence of excess deformations;
  • For assessment of physical deterioration and load-carrying capacity of buildings and structures in order to determine the technology and scope of repair and restoration works;
  • When reconstructing, re-innovating and depreserving the facilities;
  • Required for any builder in the presence of conditions that complicate the construction (nature of soil, site terrain, etc.);
  • In order to find a compromise between the customer and the contractor when adopting a crucial construction solution (expert opinion).

The expert department of PRIMECON Construction Group has many years of experience in technical survey of buildings and structures in Ukraine. Dozens of objects meant for various purposes have been surveyed, hundreds of thousands UAH of customer’s money have been saved.

If you want to avoid unforeseen expenses or substantiate the safety of operation, order a consultation or professional expertise from the experts of PRIMECON Construction Group.

How we conduct a set of research activities

  1. Preliminary consultation, coordination of the date of the consultant (expert group) arrival at the site under study;
  2. Site visit. Familiarization with the site, collection of the required documentation and input data, assessment of the research efforts;
  3. Survey phase. Visual inspection, measurements, obtaining photographic evidence of damages and problematic areas. Test pitting of foundations when required. Updating characteristics of materials using instrumental procedures and laboratory tests;
  4. Processing of the collected data. Data processing and analysis using calculating packages. Conclusions, expert judgement.

What you get

Visual information about the work done:

  • drawings of the detailed design stage (floor plans and sectional views of the building, defect maps in hard copy and electronic form);
  • photographic evidence of defects and damages;
  • non-destructive or laboratory test reports for materials;
  • expert judgement in paper and electronic form: general condition, practical recommendations on possibility (impossibility) of restoration, as well as strengthening of load-bearing structures. This is the basis for decision making when selecting the technology and the scope of upcoming reconstruction, restoration and strengthening works for further safe operation;
  • the advantage of using the information received to fill in the Building (Structure) Condition Certificate – a document reflecting the level of general condition of the building (structure) and confirming the fact of operational suitability (unsuitability) of the facility. 

We have the experience, a team of experts, modern equipment and rigorous approach in compliance with the fundamental techniques and existing regulations.

If you want to minimize the risks, avoid unforeseen expenses and substantiate the safety of operation, order a consultation or professional expertise from the experts of PRIMECON Construction Group.