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Structural steel design (KM code) and detailed structural steel design (KMD code)

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A little known but true fact:

Up to 30% of the funds invested in construction using metal structures are lost in unstrained components and underloaded metal. That’s how buck passing engineers work, while you overpay…

We offer real savings up to 30% of your funds invested in the construction or reconstruction of facilities containing metal structures.

PRIMECON Construction Group, a design and construction association highly regarded as a reliable partner, offers development of structural steel design drawings (KM code) and detailed structural steel design drawings (KMD code) for buildings of various purposes and engineering structures.

Design facilities of PRIMECON Construction Group are located in Kiev, while the scope of activities covers the entire territory of Ukraine and near-abroad countries.

The design and construction department comprises qualified design engineers, while modern computer equipment with graphic (3D modelling) and calculation programs allows performing design and construction works in a quality manner and as soon as possible.

Our experience in design works is more than 10 years:

  • general purpose buildings and facilities (shopping malls, office and entertainment centres);
  • industrial facilities and warehouses;
  • agricultural buildings;
  • conveyor galleries;
  • process structures;
  • superstructures and attics.

Our expertise in structural steel design (KM code) and detailed structural steel design (KMD code)

  • development of KM and KMD code designs;
  • adaptation of foreign KM and KMD code designs;
  • field supervision, technical supervision and maintenance of facilities;
  • preliminary calculation of specific quantity of metal per building;
  • drawing up the design terms of reference;
  • development of KM code designs in accordance with foreign standards (Eurocode, etc.).

What you get from a KM design

  • general data (explanatory note);
  • structural load data;
  • foundation load data;
  • layouts of components and sectional views;
  • attachment points of structures;
  • steel specifications.

What you get from a KMD design

  • drawings of assembly diagrams;
  • drawings of pre-fabricated elements;
  • bill of metalware;
  • bill of pre-fabricated elements
  • drawings of each part.

You can instruct us to develop KM and KMD designs separately, but we recommend to order development of the designs as a complete set from PRIMECON Construction Group.

And here is why:

  • Following this option of order, the drawings are developed comprehensively, involving representatives of the fabrication shop and erection crew, so that your structures contain optimum quantity of metal. We have years of experience in fabrication and erection of metal structures.
  • When making changes to a KM design or KMD drawings, the designers and manufacturers of structures will coordinate their efforts promptly, within one company.
  • All the logistics are thought out at this stage: packaging, transportation and storage of metal structures taking into account their size, weight and capabilities of the vehicle fleet.

If you want to minimize the risks, avoid unforeseen expenses, invest as efficiently as possible, get the facility ready on time and verified by field supervision – start easy by ordering a consultation or the entire KM and KMD design package in one from PRIMECON Construction Group.

The professional competence of PRIMECON Construction Group in KM and KMD design is best illustrated by facilities of our customers.