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Customer focus

Combination of customer requirements with the maximum efficiency of solutions

Confident in quality

When working on our projects,
all the shortcomings are dealt at our expense


Only optimal and practical
solutions, nothing in excess

A few words from the management team

If you are visiting our website, this means you are looking for a contractor in some of our business areas. How exactly can we help you more than anyone else?

With our experience of a complete cycle of frame construction works – ranging from reconstruction survey or schematic design for a new construction to obtaining the declaration of commissioning – we can recommend measures to reduce the total cost of works or select the optimal action plan as early as at the stage of quotation.

When you appeal to alternative companies with a narrow business profile and try to save on individual services, you still overpay in the long run, because you often have to compensate inefficient solutions of a previous contractor with additional payments to the subsequent one.

Your success is our story.

Our works

The geography of survey, design, metal structure supply and construction works is the entire territory of Ukraine