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Architectural design

“The greatest praise belongs to an architect who knows how to connect the beauty of the building with the conveniences of life”. Gian Bernini

PRIMECON Construction Group offers high-quality modern architectural design of your facilities. We contribute to success and prosperity of our customers. We think big and create the most functional facilities in aesthetically attractive shapes:

  • production facilities, warehouse complexes;
  • public facilities and structures;
  • shopping malls and sports facilities;
  • agricultural facilities, food enterprises;
  • transport facilities (garages, automobile repair shops, gas stations).

Three important factors in support of architectural design

Economy. The architect’s skill will allow identifying additional usable area, as well as saving on the materials and interior objects used (furniture, equipment).

Airtight budget. Field supervision of the construction process will help to avoid “additional works” and “unforeseen expenses”.

Investment attractiveness. Let us remind for those who appreciate proper investments: a facility with unique architecture is eventually worth several times more than a standard one.

Cooperation with us is profitable

  • Your facilities are in hands of the most experienced structural designers.
  • High-quality design and careful elaboration ensure fast approval of the documentation.
  • Up to 20% savings on the project cost due to design techniques.
  • We will not only develop, but also erect your facility. PRIMECON is a group of full service companies: from development of the project concept to construction and commissioning of the facility.
  • We have the necessary permits and licenses for design and construction of buildings and structures.

Important! Upon conclusion of the contract, the Architectural Concept comes as a gift!

If you want to minimize the risks, avoid unforeseen expenses, invest as efficiently as possible and get the facility ready on time, start easy by ordering a consultation or a full package of architectural design works from PRIMECON Construction Group.

The professional competence of PRIMECON Construction Group in architectural design is best illustrated by facilities of our customers.