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Fabrication and erection of metal structures

Строительная группа ПРАЙМКОН > Fabrication and erection of metal structures

A little known but true fact:

Up to 30% of the funds invested in construction using metal structures are lost in unstrained components and underloaded cross-sections of the frame. That’s how buck passing engineers work, while you overpay…

Do you want to overpay? No?!

Then our offer is for you

We offer real savings up to 30% of your funds invested in the construction or reconstruction of facilities containing metal structures.

PRIMECON Construction Group is a design and construction association highly regarded as a reliable partner. Since 2007, we have been actively developing our business in fabrication of building structures made of ferrous and galvanized rolled metal products. We practice both general design from scratch and reconstruction of facilities.

The scope of our activity covers the entire territory of Ukraine.

Areas of our business

  • Design, general design;
  • Fabrication and erection of welded metal structures. Fabrication and erection of lightweight steel structures made of galvanized roll-formed sections. The fabrication is certified by UkrSEPRO;
  • Civil and erection works. Frame buildings, complete steel buildings, utility buildings (hangars, warehouses, storehouses, greenhouses, etc.).

PRIMECON Construction Group is able to fabricate and supply metal structures of any complexity and purpose. With this aim in view, we have modern equipment, including CNC equipment, for cutting and welding works with rolled sections and sheet metal. Last but not least, we have high qualification and skilful hands of our employees.

If you want to get optimally designed and reliable metal structures and optimize your expenses, start easy by calling us.

Our capabilities save your money

The design facilities are located in Kiev. We have more than 10 skilled designers and computing engineers on the staff. All construction metal structures are custom-fabricated in strict accordance with structural steel drawings (KM code) and detailed structural steel drawings (KMD code). Detailed structural steel (KMD) drawings are developed in a software package featuring 3D modelling, which accelerates delivery of finished drawings for production, improves quality of finished products, reduces the cost of rolled metal products, accessories and consumables.

We use our own base of proven design and technological solutions: from parts to assembly units. We already have a ready-made solution for each task, which only needs to be adapted to your actual conditions. As a result, in each case you get a repeatedly tested, optimally selected structure and, consequently, metal savings of up to 30%.

The production facilities of PRIMECON Construction Group are located in the City of Bila Tserkva, in the Region of Kiev, across the area of more than 2500 m2 and allow fabricating approx. 200 tons of metal structures of any complexity and purpose per month.

For fabrication of metal structures, we have the necessary equipment, tools and mechanisms to perform all types of work with rolled sections and sheet metal:

  1. A combined automatic plasma and oxygen flame cutting line for sheet metal cutting with effective working area of 2000 x 12000 mm. The processed sheet thickness is up to 100 mm.
  2. Band saw machines to cut rolled metal sections, heavy bar sections, welded beams, bars, circles, squares and strips.
  3. A multifunctional shear press to machine angles, channels, strips and punch holes in them.
  4. Guillotine shears to cut sheet metal up to 14 mm thick.
  5. Welding equipment for semi-automatic gas-shielded welding.
  6. Welding equipment for automatic gas-shielded welding or submerged arc welding of straight-line corner welds in composite section structures.
  7. Vertical drilling machines for machining of parts made of various structural steels.
  8. Electromagnetic-based multi-purpose drilling and milling machines allowing drilling, countersinking and milling in any position.
  9. A plate bending machine for cold bending of flat stock.
  10. A multi-purpose line to assemble composite section beams.    
  11. Pneumatic and vacuum painting equipment.
  12. 5 t and 10 t hoisting mechanisms.

The quality of metal structure fabrication is ensured by our high design standards and modern equipment, and is confirmed by the necessary permits and compliance certificates of UkrSEPRO for fabrication and delivery of the full product line of construction metal structures.

Our experience and production outputs allow obtaining individual terms of rolled metal delivery directly from manufacturers. This helps to improve product quality significantly and reduce the manufacturing costs.

Delivery of metal structures. PRIMECON Construction Group is able to deliver finished metal structures to anywhere in Ukraine. All the logistics are thought out as early as at the design stage: packaging, transportation and storage of metal structures taking into account their size, weight and capabilities of the vehicle fleet. This enables us to conclude contracts with logistics companies on the most favourable terms for you, expedite delivery and simplify unloading and accounting.

If you want to get optimal and reliable metal structures, while optimizing the costs, start easy by calling us.