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Construction of industrial and production buildings

Строительная группа ПРАЙМКОН > Construction of industrial and production buildings

Do you want to build and commission a facility without exceeding the allocated budget, and ideally also save your money, because the saved means will be very useful for the subsequent start and promotion?

Then our offer is for you

PRIMECON Construction Group is a design and construction association highly regarded as a reliable partner.

We offer real savings of up to 30% of funds invested in the construction or reconstruction of facilities containing metal structures.

Areas of our business:

  • Design, general design;
  • Fabrication and erection of welded metal structures. Fabrication and erection of light metal structures made of galvanized structural sections for bolted connection. UkrSEPRO certificates are available;
  • Civil and erection works. Frame buildings, complete steel buildings, utility buildings (hangars, warehouses, storehouses, greenhouses, etc.).

More than 10 years of experience as a general contractor in the construction market of Ukraine:

  • general purpose buildings and facilities (shopping malls, office and entertainment centres);
  • industrial facilities and warehouses;
  • agricultural buildings;
  • conveyor galleries;
  • process structures;
  • superstructures and attics.

Our capabilities save your money

For each task we have a ready-made solution – a repeatedly tested, optimally selected structure. As a result, metal savings amount up to 30%.

The quality of metal structure fabrication is ensured by our high design standards, as well as modern cutting, welding and painting equipment. It is confirmed by the necessary compliance certificates of UkrSEPRO.

Delivery of metal structures All the logistics are thought out as early as at the design stage: packaging, transportation and storage of metal structures taking into account their size, weight and capabilities of the vehicle fleet. This accelerates delivery and simplifies unloading and accounting.

Organization of construction and erection works is according to the schedule. Our professional experience enables us to perform works on operating facilities with functioning utility lines.