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About Us

«От мысли к форме без посредников!»
Строительная группа ПраймКон

PRIMECON Construction Group was founded in 2006 by a team of like-minded people to provide design and survey services for industrial, residential and special purpose facilities.

However, only a year later, we realized that there is an acute shortage of full service construction organizations for construction of European-class buildings in Ukraine: from tasking and design to construction and erection works and commissioning of the facility.  We have become an organization that has mastered metal structure fabrication from scratch and implemented the general contract management.

We completed our first project on general contract terms in 2010 – that was general design and construction of a fruit warehouse complex in the village Trebukhov, in the Region of Kiev, with an area of 2500 m2. Then there were dozens of other projects, but the first facility is always the special one.

We have come a long way, but we knew that if we constantly work on ourselves, on our development, and improve the quality of services, the progress is just round the corner! Having gathered a team of like-minded people who like their job, we can confidently do what we like, remain competitive at any stage of the country development and, most importantly, we always have the motivation to lead in our business!

We recognize our merits as follows:

  • Monitoring and readiness to introduce the latest technologies and materials, gradual retreat from material-intensive and time-consuming archaic technologies and solutions in construction.
  • Complete professionalism.
  • High responsibility to the Customers and willingness to be responsible for achieving our goals, for the result.

Today our team includes not only qualified engineers, but also technical experts of the State Service for Industrial Safety of Ukraine, PhDs in Technical Sciences, active members of the Ukrainian Construction Academy.

Our design facilities are located in Kiev, and the fabrication facilities – in the city of Bila Tserkva.  Fabrication capacity is 200 tons of metal structures per month. The quality is confirmed by certificates of UkrSEPRO. The scope of our activity covers the entire territory of Ukraine.

We always rejoice at the success of our customers. Your success is our story.